Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.

Donald Knuth

Burger Shuffle with Scaling

Burger Shuffle with Scaling Some more prototyping to scale to different sprite nodes in sync and replace one when a certain stage of the animation has

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It’s the Burger shuffle

It’s the Burger Shuffle… this little prototype creates random burger recipes and displays the final creation. Press the X-Button on the game controller triggers the next

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Burger scaling

Burger – Scaling This is a prototype on how to scale a Burger – Composition, making it bigger and smaller using the game controller connected to

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PhotoGallery – Prototyping

PhotoGallery – Prototyping Hier habe ich etwas Prototyping gemacht auf der Settop Box AppleTV von Apple die mit dem Betriebssystem tvOS, einem Derivat von iOS, läuft. 

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